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July 20, 2017

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About Wagers of War

Jump into a competitive battleground as you face off against your opponent in rounds of war with real-time simultaneous decision-making. Based off the classic card game War, battle head-to-head as you work to anticipate your opponent’s next move while making gains to outsmart them and bring home the victory in the arena.

Riddled with tension and suspense while oscillating between action-packed, quick-fire war rounds and lighthearted mana rounds, you’ll work to balance the odds in your favor as you strategically build your card deck. Collect diverse and upgradeable cards to give you a leg up at war, and craft a long-term strategy to dominate on the battlefield.

Beyond the Battle

Designed to be fully immersive, engaging, yet accessible, Wagers of War combines compelling and diverse card collection with thrilling, strategically satisfying, real-time gameplay. Created to feel as if you’re being pulled into the screen, you’ll be immersed in the Wagers of War world through the colorful, painterly, art style as the quirky, loveable characters come to life.

Wagers of War has been thoughtfully designed with a high skill ceiling for players who love collectable card games, but accessible enough for those who’ve often found the genre intimidating or overly complex in the past. With players each having 30 seconds to simultaneously plot their move against their opponent, Wagers of War brings a new dynamic and challenge to the mix.

Play online with players around the globe as you make snap decisions during high-stakes battles while balancing this with your long-term strategic plan, and thoughtfully crafting your deck.


  • Real-time war rounds creating an intense game of anticipation
  • Accessible gameplay that simplifies a CCG without sacrificing strategy or depth
  • 30 upgradeable and dynamically diverse cards to collect
  • Real-time online multiplayer
  • A variety of colorful and engaging arenas
  • Engaging and engrossing painterly art style designed to enhance approachability and create fantastical environments and characters
  • Original soundtrack


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About Jumb-O-Fun Games

Jumb-O-Fun Games is a developer of casual games for mobile, PC and Mac. We're based in British Columbia, Canada. For additional information and other games head to our website at www.jumbofungames.com.

Wagers of War Credits

Jumb-O-Fun Games
Glen Pothoven

Tunnel Light Studios
Trent Trombley
Trevor Trombley